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This section of our website provides free information articles put online to assist people in their decision making and for general reference.
If this is your initial visit to this area of our site, I trust that the information available will be of benefit.
If, at any stage, you require assistance or clarification on any particular item don't hesitate to contact me directly.
Again, I hope the information is of assistance, and that it is a benefit for you in your future endeavors.

The 'Australian Dream' series was compiled several years ago primarily to assist Clients in preparing design briefs and to assist in their decision making.
After accessing the 'Australian Dream' section the articles can be read individually from the menu or by starting at the opening page and following the ongoing links at the bottom of each page.

The remaining links are a 'work in progress' and will be added to as we come across items that we feel will be of interest.
The Solar Calculator is an excellent resource to calculate sun position, shading etc for any time of the year in any location.
If there are any topics that you feel may be of benefit to others, send me an email through the contact page and we'll look to include it.

All information supplied in articles was, to our knowledge, correct at the time the article was written.
All information relating to your particular interests should be verified for its current standing before being acted upon.
AusDesign will not accept any responsibility for omissions or incorrectly presented information and provides the information as being 'general information' only.
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