The Australian Dream Series



Although more markedly noticeable in the temperate areas of Australia, the ambience or 'feel' of a home is greatly improved by the penetration of the winter sun to a home.

When looking at potential sites during the winter months it is quite easy to pick up on the fact that  the neighbouring property is casting large shadows across your block. During the summer months it may not be so obvious.

When purchasing land in a 'built up' area careful attention needs to be paid to shadows cast by neighbouring houses.
If viewing sites during the summer months remember that the winter shadow ( from northern houses) will penetrate further across the block.
In the situation where the adjoining site is vacant then it will be the Building Surveyors responsibility to the extent of current regulations to ensure that your home is not disadvantaged in respect to sunlight to both habitable rooms and to private open spaces before they issue a building permit for the adjoining home.

Overshadowing is an important item that is very often overlooked or dismissed by land purchasers initially, but is eventually an aspect that can not be reversed.


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