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Metric Conversions

Measurements in the Australian building industry are related and documented in meters [ met. ] and millimeters [ mm. ].
Area is measured in meters squared [ m2 ], although house areas are often quoted in both 'squares' and 'm2' due to the fact that many people find it easier to relate to the imperial measurement in relation to area rather than its metric equivalent.
Many home brochures will advertise dwellings as - 170m2 [18.3 sq.] or 130m2 [14sq.]
A 'square' = 100 square feet.

Conversion from metric squarage to imperial squarage can be calculated by multiplying by 0.10764.
- 140m2 x 0.10764 = 15.07sq
Conversion from imperial squarage to metric squarage by dividing by 0.10764.
- 15.07sq. ÷ 0.10764 = 140m2

Millimeters are converted to inches by dividing by 25.4
Inches to millimeters by multiplying by 25.4.
- a 12 foot wide room would equate to 3657mm or 3.657 meters.

Within the various building trades, lengths are universally related in the following manner -
3.6 meters as 'thirty six hundred' ; 8.573 meters as 'eight five seventy three' ; 13.885 meters as ' thirteen eight eighty five' etc.



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