The Australian Dream Series



In built up areas
Is there a railway station within walking distance?
Is there a bus route nearby?
If I look to, or need to resell, will the closeness of public transport increase the value or make it easier to sell my property? If the area attracts elderly buyers who may rely on public transport this may be the case.

Does the design and width of the street cater for the amount of traffic flow?
The asset of having a school close by may also include with it the frustration of increased traffic mornings and afternoons.
Are there parks or open spaces within walking distance?

In rural areas
Is there a garbage service?
In some rural areas a weekly trip to the local tip may be necessary.

Is power available?
Although the power lines pass the site you may incur an unexpected cost for a transformer on the nearest pole. Costs of $10,000 or $14,000 are not unheard of.

Are the roads sealed?
It may look "quaint" and add to the atmosphere of the site but what happens in summer when the dust blows in the front door?

Is there sewerage available or will I need to install a septic tank?
There have been cases in small rural subdivisions where Councils will not allow a building permit to be issued due to environmental issues with septic tank run -offs, although previous subdivision permits have been granted.

Is there a mail delivery?
In some areas, mail may have to be picked up from the Local Store or Post Office.


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